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Modern rooms in an UNESCO World Heritage building that once hosted royalty, aristocracy, and nuns.


Every room has incredible unobstructed views of Dubrovnik landmarks. Well-suited for happy travellers & lovely couples.

We're here to help make your stay in Dubrovnik spectacular!
  • Q. Should I stay at Fresh* Sheets Kathedral?

    We don’t mean to be exclusive or off-putting but we only accept good people who are looking to enjoy themselves. If you are a traveller at heart but can no longer handle dorms and want to stay somewhere comfortable with air-con and nice beds yet still appreciate the opportunity to be social and meet new friends. If you are a lovely couple, a family, or a group looking for unique accommodation to enjoy your holiday in Dubrovnik. If you are looking for a story, an experience enhanced by local knowledge and expertise. The answer is ‘YES!’. If you are dour by nature, dislike the notion of surprise, want something you can complain about, we apologize, but we would highly recommend you stay elsewhere.

  • Q. Where are you located?

    This is the most amazing thing. You'll be immaculately located. They say the church has the best real estate. We rent the premises from the Vatican. Fresh* Sheets Kathedral is located on the third floor of one of the most unique locations in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Our rooms and suites overlook the Cathedral, the Rector’s Palace, and two of the most important piazzas in town. Unlike most places, you will be located in the centre of Dubornik, with no exterior stairs, plenty of natural light, and spectacular unobstructed views.

  • Q. What type of accommodation do you offer?

    Fresh* Sheets Kathedral offers spacious double, twin, family suites, and studio rooms. If you are looking for group accommodation, the entire place can be configured to your needs. Every room has air-conditioning, cable tv, free Wi-Fi.

  • Q. How long should I stay?

    If you can afford it, a month would be fantastic. We’d get the chance to know you. You’d get the chance to know us. One day we may even reminisce about our time in Dubrovnik over sundowners somewhere tropical while our grandchildren run amok with sand between their toes. In all honesty, it depends. We have a minimum stay of two nights. That’s not just because we don’t want to change the linen. We want to spoil you. To give you the opportunity to have hammock picnics on the wonderful island of Lokrum, to enjoy local cooking lessons, or to kayak around the Old Town. We want you to enjoy the many world-class restaurants that are popping up between the usual touristic fare. We want you to have the time to enjoy and appreciate Dubrovnik and it’s environs. If you can’t commit to such a relationship, we will still consider you. It just depends on the mix tape you send us.

About Us

This is what happens when a six month working holiday from Vancouver turns into a two year salaryman/modelling stint in Tokyo turns into two years working in bustling Hong Kong. Followed by, a geographically flawed and totally disorganized trip to Panama via Eastern Europe. At least 12 years later.  We came to Croatia with backpacks on our back and no idea that we would stay. Now, we have a wonderful son and a couple small businesses that we care about. It’s been an interesting ride. From opening the first wraps and smoothies joint in Croatia to starting up a lovely retro laundromat in Dubrovnik. Along the way, we’ve run a bar dubbed by the New York Times as Dubrovnik’s ‘favoured drinking and hook-up spot’, the first legal hostel in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, awarded an Hoscar in 2012 as one of the best seasonal hostels in the world. In 2013, we converted nun's living quarters located next to the Cathedral in the heart of Dubrovnik into a small bed and breakfast and in 2015, we converted the B&B into boutique accommodation for people who love to travel in comfort and simple luxury but still seek adventure. Last year, we started our newest project called 'Life According to Kawa'. It's a boutique located just outside Ploce Gate in the wonderful shopping and dining neighbourhood nicknamed ’NOLA’. Our goal for the shop is to help people discover wonderful things made by Croatians. Whatever we do, we want to create something or someplace that we would enjoy discovering ourselves. The type of business or service that offers that special moment of comfort, adventure, and community. We believe that a bed is just a bed. The greatest bar is just a bar. It’s the experience that accompanies a place that makes the place. It’s that moment in time when everything comes together and you realize that you are so lucky, because what you are feeling will never happen again. Those are the moments of life that you remember. Oddly, there is one event that explains it all. One evening, Sanja went to close up the Launderette. It was late but there was a couple inside and she didn’t want to put any pressure on them, so she went to have a quick drink. An hour later, they were still there. Only dancing. She asked if she could be of assistance, they offered her a glass of wine and told her that everything was perfect. They weren’t even doing their laundry. They had come across the laundry, loved the retro vibe and old-time music, decided to buy a bottle of wine, and were simply enjoying life.


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