Fresh* Sheets Kathedral Dubrovnik

When we started Fresh* Sheets Kathedral, our goal was to create a place where our guest would want to stay, not for just a night, but for a duration. You know, the kind of place that we have all hopefully encountered during our travels, where you think to yourself, maybe, just maybe, I should cancel my well thought out plans and stay just a while longer, itinerary be damned! A place you regret leaving look forward to returning, a place that you remember years in the future. But unfortunately, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Fresh* Sheets Kathedral is no longer. It’s been a tough couple years. Hard to survive as a business. And the nuns needed their place back. So onwards we move!

We are starting a new business. It begins with The Byron Dubrovnik and will eventually include other unique and interesting places to stay in Croatia. We’ll keep you posted. But we’re very excited to invite you to stay with us! The Byron is an amazing property that our good friends Clive and Klaudi reconstructed in an UNESCO world heritage building located between the Cathedral, one of our favourite restaurants, and a secret swimming spot that you get to through a hole in Dubrovnik’s monumental old walls. We think you’ll like it.

Safe travels! Jon and Sanja

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